How to Choose the Best Design For Your Home

A fireplace is synonymous to a warm and cozy atmosphere in the home. It’s what many families dream to have in their residences whatever the size may be. Not only does it serve its basic function which is to provide warmth to occupants of a home during cold weather but it also adds beauty to any interior or exterior space of a residential property.

Fireplace designs vary from one house to another. They depend largely on the personal style of the homeowner. However, designs can be based on the materials used as well as the period of time preferred by homeowners. The brick material, for instance, evokes a classic appeal while tiles are considered to be more modern and trendy.

Stylish design ideas for a fireplace can be achieved in a variety of ways. One can hire the services of a professional to create an original design or have a design you like that you’ve seen in a magazine or in a particular website customized by your preferred fireplace manufacturer. Or for a more personalized one, make your own design if you truly want a unique fireplace that you can be proud of.

Fireplace designs take into account several areas including the firebox, hearth, mantel and the opening. The hearth is the area outside the fireplace while the firebox is where you put the logs for burning. The mantel is the upper portion of the main opening which sometimes serves as a display area for art pieces and other decorations.

Popular styles

Numerous styles of fireplaces exist these days. However, the most popular are the classic, antique, Victorian, modern, rustic and minimalist among others. These can be created using the different materials available in the market such as stone, bricks, rocks, masonry and tiles. Some of the modern materials include the cast iron and stainless steel which can also be used to create whatever style of fireplace you want for your home whether it’s the traditional or the contemporary.

Some homeowners who like to have a standout fireplace usually go for the Art Deco style which makes use of bright colors and ceramic tiles. The Victorian style, meanwhile, features intricate designs and there are even tiles with Victorian designs that you can get today to go with your fireplace design theme.

Fireplace history

The fireplace has been used by man for centuries now. It started as fire pits built in the ground situated in the middle of a house during the ancient civilization until some inventive minds developed it into what it is today. Three important people contributed to its development starting from Prince Rupert who first improved the venting system in 1678. In the 1700s, Ben Franklin then came up with a convection chamber and further improved the airflow while Count Rumford designed a fireplace that featured a tall and shallow firebox. This design of Rumford influenced the modern fireplace that we see around today.

Nothing beats the sound and feel of a fireplace keeping you and your loved ones warm when it’s chilly. And when it’s your most favorite fireplace design that’s in there in your home, the more inspired you will be to use the structure as often as you can.